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Two Universities Join Together to Create a Spin-Off

Two Universities Join Together to Create a Spin-Off
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The University of Liverpool and Queen’s University Belfast have joined forces to create a spin-off company based around ‘porous liquids’ that are able to absorb gases in industrial and technological environments. The researchers that have come up with this novel solution for different applications are working in collaboration from both institutions. [1] The company, called Porous Liquid Technologies Ltd, is now offering a designable (factoring in properties such as viscosity, toxicity, conductivity, etc.) solutions to control a specific application. [2]

As these liquids are actually 20% empty space in comparison to conventional liquids, they have the ability to absorb gases (and can select which gas to absorb based on the size of their pores). This gives them an advantage over traditional porous solids that cannot flow through spaces, and over liquids that don’t have the same absorption capacity. [2]

This technology was originally developed with industrial uses in mind, but can be applied to other needs as well [1]. One of the potential applications of this product could be helping in carbon capture and reducing CO2 emissions. In an age where these emissions need to be both reduced and controlled, porous liquids have various advantages over the current liquid absorbents used. In addition, the product can also help with the separation of CO2 emissions from other, potentially beneficial, gases. [2]