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Universities as the connection between academia and industry

Universities as the connection between academia and industry
Thursday, 27 April 2017

University Spin-Offs are a way to take advantage of the knowledge and technology established in an academic setting and create companies. This association between Spin-Offs and Universities can be incredibly beneficial for both sides of the equation. The university can open doors to resources, including technology and knowledge, for the Spin-Offs, and the Spin-Offs, in turn, provide the university with the promotion of knowledge and the reinvestment of capital in research and growth.

In the case of biopharmaceutical company Oryzon, we can see how this relationship has allowed a company launched in 2000 to grow to being one of the largest biotech ventures in the Iberian Peninsula. Oryzon partnered with the University of Barcelona, the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, and the Spanish National Research Council [1] to develop a business plan that has since grown to be a benchmark institution for epigenetics in Europe. While this type of relationship, business – university, can be difficult to manage, if the entities involved can align their interests and goals, the allegiance can be successful and lucrative.

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