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University of Navarra to Support their Fifth Spin-off

University of Navarra to Support their Fifth Spin-off
Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Public University of Navarra has opted to support spin-off company Bioinsectics that is developing new insecticide technologies to help control plagues [1]. According to the University’s statures, in part, it is responsibility of the institution itself to help promote the valorisation of research results including the support and creation in companies that are developed from academic investigation activities. By doing so, the University will be contributing both to the academic community as well as the society as a whole. [2]

In the case of Bioinsectics, together with the support of Caja Rual de Navarra (a bank), the University will contribute 5% of the social capital by buying company shares. By supporting this business, the University will, in turn, be supporting the industrialised production and commercialisation of the technology developed by the company. [1] As we saw in a previous article, supporting academic research can be seen as a key element in economic, social, and environmental success for a community.

This is the fifth spin-off from the University that has received direct support from the institution itself. In addition to the financial benefits, the relationship also allows the company to use the “Spin-off of the Public University of Navarra” branding and the University receives a guarantee that the company will use their researchers and offer internships to students. [1]

This type of relationship means that there will be supported growth within the area of research that is being developed, ensuring the longevity and potential of the projects. In addition, this type of collaboration between universities and companies allows institutions to get the best of both worlds.