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University Researchers Looking for Potential Spin-Off Partners

University Researchers Looking for Potential Spin-Off Partners
Monday, 31 July 2017

At the University of Santiago, Chile, researchers have discovered that a plant growing in the Artic has qualities that act as a solar filter, preventing radiation damage. These flowering plants grow in the more temperate regions of the Antarctic, but with climate changes have been extending their area of growth [1].

By understanding how these plants respond to ultraviolet radiation, scientists believe that they can apply the same properties to resolve issues that we are currently facing. For example, some crops don’t tolerate the increasing radiation very well and, perhaps, using the discoveries found with this plant can lead to practical applications with these crops [2].

The researchers are seeking potential commercial partners to develop products based on the studies that are being conducted at the University. Potential products could include natural sunscreens or creams that use the properties of the plant to protect skin from ultraviolet radiation [1].