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University Spin-off Amprologix is Developing New Antibiotics

University Spin-off Amprologix is Developing New Antibiotics
Monday, 15 October 2018

Amprologix is a new company that has spun-off from the University of Plymouth in the UK with the intention of partnering with other experts in the field to develop and commercialise the research of university Professor Mathew Upton. This Medical Microbiology professional is focused on how to create new antibiotics that will help fight drug-resistant infections. It is estimated that drug-resistant infections will be the cause of 10 million deaths per year, more than cancer, by 2050, making this research application all the more relevant. [1]

We can expect to see revolutionary results from this company as no new class of antibiotic has been introduced into clinical use in about 30 years. At the same time, current bacterial infections are becoming increasingly drug-resistant. The first product that Amprologix is hoping to produce is a cream containing one of the antibiotics being developed (epidermicin) thought to fight infections that are caused by bacteria that is resistant to available antibiotics. It is thought that a single dose of epidermicin is six times more effective than the current options for treatment. [1]

One of the stakeholders in Amprologix is Ingenza, a Scottish company that is a leader in applied industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology. This entity hopes to optimise the relationship by pairing Amprologix’s capacity to discover and improve new antimicrobial classes and their own adaptable biomanufacturing technology. [2]