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University Spin-off Helps Companies Chat with their Data

University Spin-off Helps Companies Chat with their Data
Monday, 19 November 2018

Even though big data is now considered key for business to understand their analytics (who is buying their products/services, where they are buying, etc.), many times it is easier to produce information than interpret it. Enter DataChat, a spin-off from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that is helping companies find ways to interact with their data in a simple way. [1] For those of us who don’t have technology-based degrees, this can mean the difference between wasting time to try and understand the data (or not bothering at all) and taking advantage of information we are already gathering.

The platform developed by the DataChat team helps users understand the data without any programming experience by allowing them to “chat” with the information. This means that companies to ask the important questions and receive answers in real time without wasting time trying to code and interpret the information. [2] The idea behind the platform is a robot translator—capable of understanding both the data analytics and the user questions—so that customers can focus on improving their product or service [1].

From their online profile, we can see that the platform offers users three main types of solutions for understanding the information: rich visualisation of data, automatic summaries (updated in real-time), and simplified data presentation. In addition, a behind-the-scenes team is available to help companies if they get stuck. [2] Whether or not it is the solution for all companies can be debated; however, this new company is definitely providing a foot up for entities around them [1].