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Vegetable Powder as a Solution for Those Who Don’t Eat their Veggies

Vegetable Powder as a Solution for Those Who Don’t Eat their Veggies
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Normally it’s the kids of the family who find vegetables distasteful. However, the company Salaatike from Finland was started when a bodybuilder, Pasi, decided to find a more palatable way to get his nutrition than eating fresh veg. What was his solution? Drying and grinding the vegetables into protein powder. By taking the time to understand the nutrition behind the fruits and vegetables used, Pasi was able to create a balanced way of getting what he needed without having to eat any fresh veggies. [1]

The team that has decided to turn this individual solution into a larger alternative world-wide is based out of the Tampere University of Technology. And they have managed to fit a whopping 500 grams of vegetables, fruit, and berries and 100% of daily fibre needs from oats into 75 grams of powder. The say that the serving is small enough to eat in one sitting, keep you full, and is tasty. They suggest mixing the powder with water, yogurt, or fruit soup. [2]

The team behind the product is convinced that it will help customer change how they eat their vegetables, improving life styles and nutrition intake [1]. The store has been recently opened and you can find their Salaatike’s first product here: