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Why Internationalisation is important for New Businesses

Why Internationalisation is important for New Businesses
Wednesday, 11 July 2018

More than ever before, we are seeing a globalisation of start-ups and spin-offs. This allows companies to tap into specific markets, even when consumers are not collected in a small physical area. In countries like Spain, where the current economy is still recovery from the crash in 2008, internationalisation can make or break a small company. One Spanish company, Ticket Bis, can be used as an example for how looking outside one’s boarders can help you find success [1].

Ticket Bis is a start-up started in Madrid circa 2007 reselling tickets for different events.  While it might not be normal to look beyond what you have in front of you unless you are already successful, and that can be an error. Ticket Bis shows us that recognising your potential outside of your home country can be an excellent decision. [1]

However, it is important to know that every place has specific issues that need solutions and the way to solve them might not be the same everywhere. Don’t think that internationalisation will be a guaranteed hit. Make sure to explore different cultures, customs, and languages before starting abroad. The better you know both your own company (and its culture) and the place you are trying to expand in, the better the results will be. [1]

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