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Work, Create, Share: co-working spaces

Work, Create, Share: co-working spaces
Monday, 7 May 2018

Shared spaces, meeting places, sources of synergies and innovative ideas: today the phenomenon of co-working redefines the boundaries, the conception and the sociality of the work spaces in an innovative way.

In recent years this phenomenon has grown, spreading across the business world.  According to the 2018 Global co-working Survey, by the end of this year, 1.7 million people will be working in co-working spaces around the world and there are further expansion plans based on these optimistic estimations [1].

Among some companies, there is still skepticism about this alternative workspaces solution, since there is common thought that these are spaces reserved exclusively for start-ups and freelancers. [2] In reality, with time the co-working phenomenon has evolved and nowadays represents a working solution suitable for everyone-or almost everyone.

This is what the American company WeWork wanted to show through its first-ever digital campaign. Born in New York in 2010 to provide shared workspaces, today WeWork is widespread in the entire global stage with nearly 350 Office Locations in 65 different cities. [3] This month, through a series of short videos shared in the various social media, it compares - dividing the screen in two - normal offices with the co-working spaces with the aim of showing the accessibility and flexibility of these creative spaces, and fostering its growth. [2]

Therefore, Co-working represents not only an alternative work space and a profitable economic solution, but above all a strategic and stimulating experience of sharing and innovation that could lead to innovation and progress of one's business.
Click this link to watch some of the short videos of the WeWork digital campaign.