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Work-related stress. Some companies move ahead to find positive and curious solutions to manage it.

Work-related stress. Some companies move ahead to find positive and curious solutions to manage it.
Monday, 11 June 2018

Tight deadlines, long shifts, tasks piled up and ever-increasing demands can leave you feeling worried, a little nervous, or overwhelmed. Are you already beginning to feel stressed just by reading the first lines of this article? One more reason to get to read it all the way through.

Stress is part of our life and the workplace is not an exception, actually. But job pressure isn’t always bad.  As a normal, adaptive coping response, it can be what keeps workers on their toes, active, and motivated. However, it can depend on the available resources and personal characteristics. [1] According to a WHO article, work-related stress can be due to different factors, including the response that people can have when work pressures are not matched to their knowledge and skills. This can challenge their ability to cope with them. When stress exceeds the ability to deal with it, it can start to cause damage to the employees’ health, job satisfaction, and business performance. [2]

Nowadays some companies are starting to prioritize the happiness of their staff and to find positive stress management solutions. Take a look to at these curious examples from which your company can take a cue to reduce stress levels, stabilize team morale, and regain job satisfaction and efficiency. [3]

- BambooHR   gives economic help to pay employees’ vacations Founded in 2008, BambooHR is a leading American online HR software for small and medium business.  Human resources tool provider BambooHR believes in the power and benefit of travel as enriching experiences with family and friends and helps pay, for their full time employees, $2000 per year to spend on vacation expenses. [3]

- Credit Karma gives employees chances to unplug and relax Founded in 2006, Credit Karma is a personal finance technology company. For their employees, they support the decreasing of stress levels by offering in-house spa, cafe, meditation, arcade, and music rooms with the aim of foster a connected community at work. [3]

- Nomatic deals with stress by claiming the benefit of endorphin release Founded in 2014, NOMATIC is a bag designs company that sells function bags and travel gear for wanderlusters. The company organizes monthly employee-team-building activities, prioritizing the sense of community between various departments. Nomatic hosts monthly employee-planned, out-of-office activities as mountain biking, snow skiing, surfing, rock climbing, and much more. [3]