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Yotta: A university spin-off helping children communicate

Yotta: A university spin-off helping children communicate
Friday, 9 June 2017

An academic spin-off from Jaen University (UJA), Yotta is one of the companies that has had the opportunity to participate in the European effort ‘Startup Scaleup’ [1]. This is an initiative to help startups by offering them a six month accelerator programme that specialises in business working within the Internet of Things (IoT). During these six months, Scaleup Startup works with training the startups in areas such as internationalization, marketing, inversion, legal questions and technology.

Yotta is currently working on therapeutic software for people with cognitive language disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, etcetera [2]. This software, called Pictogram, is a platform where pictograms and pre-programmed instructions are used to facilitate communication. It also incorporates learning with new technology by providing different models available on tablets or smartphones and pcs. The team is made up of Human Language Technology specialists from the Jaen University [3].

This means that the team is able to offer an additional function to the communication tool. By linking all interfaces and creating an analysis function, “Pictogram Web Analytics”, the company hopes to help understand how users communicate [3]. This use could be extraordinarily beneficial in cases of young children who have not had the opportunity to develop their own self-expression and for their parents who wish to communicate with them.    
Pictogram was officially launched to the market last September [4].