Global-Spin TE Manifesto

The GLOBAL-SPIN Project Transnational Entrepreneur (TE) Manifesto

We invite you to use this manifesto to help you navigate your own transnational entrepreneurship journey. This manifesto aims to inspire you by sharing important steps in becoming transnational and will act as a guide for your journey. Challenge yourself every day to improve and maximise your success and growth as a transnational entrepreneur.

#Become global

Think big. Embrace uncertainty. Be open to diversity. Create a culture of networking. Take the best from innovation. Be prepared to overcome adversities. Be aware of your environment. Have a safe place for reflection.

#Embrace continuous learning

Don´t take knowledge for granted. (Re)Learn on a daily basis. Build on what you already know. Overcome language barriers. Empathise with different cultures. Look at mentors as a source of inspiration and support.

#Nurture agile teams

Know your team locally and virtually. Keep an active communication flow. Build a trusting environment and follow ethical principles. Hire for growth. Foster hidden talent. Lead by example. Have fun together.

#Know your market

Make sure your branding works locally and globally. Find key contacts. Plan for action. Be aware of legal requirements. Use technology strategically. Take advantage of funding opportunities. Build alliances for the future.

Download TE Manifesto Extended

TE Manifesto Extended Version

By signing the TE Manifesto you confirm you are willing to use the GLOBAL-SPIN project’s training material, online tools and products, in educational seminars, classes, and workshops provided by our organization, encouraging and supporting people to develop their internationalisation abilities and relevant skills, for improvement of your organisation’s internationalisation strategies. All materials, online tools and products provided by this project are free of charge for the user in order to facilitate this development.